Complaints procedure


If you have not already done so, read the Research Association New Zealand's Code of Practice and Complaints Procedure.

The complaint must be made in writing by completing a complaint form and emailing it to the Executive Secretary of Research Association NZ.

The written complaint should identify specific infringements of the Articles described in the Code of Practice and can only be made against a current member of Research Association New Zealand.

Recent complaints

On 31 July, a complaint was lodged against Colmar Brunton alleging they breached the Code of Practice in a number of ways. After review of all the information provided by the Complainant and Colmar Brunton, including consultation with subject matter experts in Statistics, the Professional Standards Group found the complaint to be without merit. Colmar Brunton was found to have complied with the Code of Practice and to have conducted the research in line with industry standards in all respects that were brought to our attention.

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